#73 Innovators on Innovators: Dr Phil Reeves & Stratasys’ Andy Langfeld on AM, sustainability + more

On this episode of Additive Insight, we bring you the second instalment of our Innovators on Innovators series featuring industry consultant and Reeves Insight founder Dr Phil Reeves and Stratasys‘ EMEA President Andy Langfeld. 

Having known each other for seven years, Reeves and Langfeld reflect on the development of the additive manufacturing space in that time, offering insights on market segmentation, sustainability and what the future of AM might look like. 

Discussing the next mega trend within the additive manufacturing industry, Reeves said: “The next big trend in this industry is going to be efficiency. How do we make machines more efficient, supply chains more efficient, how do we make material either greener coming in or more recyclable going out? And my biggest worry is, as an industry, we won’t keep pace with legislation.

“At the moment, some companies are able to use our technology for prototyping because it’s exempt from the environmental legislation placed on them in the supply chain, but if we want them to start making products with our technology, we need to start thinking differently about sustainability. The worry is that we won’t and at some point, somebody will turn around in the corporate social responsibility group of a large car company and say, ‘that material you’re using in prototyping, we can’t use that anymore, we’re going to be legislated against it,’ so I do think we have to think, as an industry, seriously about sustainability.”

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