BeamIT and BERCELLA to develop R&D projects for additive manufacturing and carbon fiber parts

BeamIT, an Italian additive manufacturing service bureau, has announced a partnership with BERCELLA, a developer of composite materials, to undergo research and development projects within the aviation, space and defence markets. 

Utilizing both their expertise in additive manufacturing and composite materials respectively, the two companies will be developing joining methods between additive manufactured and carbon fiber reinforced polymer parts, with a focus on structural optimization. 

“In BERCELLA we found a high-professional partner capable of providing leading expertise in composites design and manufacturing for aerospace applications.” comments Michele Antolotti, BEAMIT General Manager. “Despite the world economic consequences of the actual pandemic situation, joining forces is a strategic way to react and to support high-end companies into their ramp-up of new product development.”

Metal 3D printed part from Beam IT. Photo via Beam IT
Metal 3D printed part from Beam IT. Photo via Beam IT

Combining additive manufacturing and carbon fiber reinforced polymer technology

BERCELLA, headquartered in Italy, began life as a supplier of carbon parts for the automotive industry in the 1990s, where it gained significant experience working with companies in the high-performance racing sector. This allowed the firm to rapidly increase its production capacity, providing carbon components, related equipment and post-processing solutions such as surface treatments or painting.

BERCELLA now specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing composite or light alloy components in a variety of sizes, providing services from early design stages to serial production of commissioned components. Alongside BeamIT, which offers additive manufacturing services for DMLS, EBM and SLS technologies, the companies will take part in research and development projects exploring the synergy between additive manufacturing and carbon fiber reinforced polymer components. 

Both BeamIT and BERCELLA have a number of customers in the aviation, space and defense industries. Their partnership is expected to enable companies in these sectors to gain access to a solutions portfolio that combines additive manufacturing and carbon fiber reinforced polymer technologies, with the objective of optimizing lead-times and costs.

“We are eager to team-up with BEAMIT and unlock new potentials for structural optimization.” said Massimo Bercella, CEO of Bercella “As Italian companies in a territory of excellences, we embrace every challenge determined to succeed. We always find a way, no matter the hassles. And in such a complex time, our common deep roots in the heart of Emilia Romagna will push us to step up driven by a sense of curiosity towards innovation.”

Metal 3D printed parts created by BeamIT’s SLM machines. Photo via BeamIT.

BeamIT’s additive manufacturing portfolio

BeamIT’s additive manufacturing system portfolio contains a number of machines from various major 3D printer manufacturers. This includes leading German 3D printer OEM EOS; in October 2019 BeamIT installed its fourth M 400-4 3D printer, which it uses to manufacture components for the oil and gas industry

BeamIT also has a long standing partnership with SLM Solutions as well. In June 2019 BeamIT announced it was expanding its product portfolio with the addition of two new machines – the SLM 280 2.0 and SLM 500 – with which it will continue to test new machine settings and metal powders. Furthermore, earlier this year, it was revealed that BeamIT plans to purchase an additional 15 SLM machines within the next three years. The Italian company ordered devices including SLM 280, SLM 500 and SLM 800.

Additionally, BeamIT has also installed ceramic 3D printing capabilities through Israel-based 3D printer manufacturer XJet. The company bought the XJet Carmel 1400 system in 2018. Furthermore, through the Carmel 1400, BeamIT is also providing an alternative to traditional casting methods in metals applications.

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Featured image shows metal 3D printed part from Beam IT. Photo via BeamIT

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