Divergent Technologies purchases three more SLM Solutions NXG XII 600 metal 3D printers

SLM Solutions has announced that long-term partner Divergent Technologies has purchased an additional three SLM NXG XII 600 metal 3D printing platforms.

It takes the automotive company’s total NXG XII 600 install base up to six, making it the largest user of the 12-laser metal additive manufacturing platform launched by SLM Solutions last November.

Divergent has been working with SLM Solutions since 2017 and has made use of the 3D printing company’s SLM 125, 280, 500 and 800 systems before investing big in the NXG XII 600 model. The two firms announced an extension of their partnership back in 2019, when Divergent signed a letter of intent to purchase five pre-production SLM Solutions machines that would help it to meet the production demand for several global carmaker programmes. Three of these systems have been in operation for the last 18 months at Divergent’s showcase facility in Los Angeles – alongside its seven SLM 500 machines, three SLM 280 systems and one SLM 125 platform – with the company now opting to take three more units on.

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The SLM NXG XII 600 is equipped with 12 1KW lasers operating inside a 600 x 600 x 600 mm build volume and has been designed for serial production in the automotive and aerospace sectors. As it works to manufacture ‘thousands of tons of complex, automatically assembled structures’ over the next two years, Divergent will integrate the NXG XII 600 machines into its Divergent Adaptive Production System (DAPS) – the software/ hardware solution it has developed to replace traditional vehicle manufacturing.

“The purchase of the SLM NXG XII 600 is the culmination of years of intensive joint development that completes the shift from prototyping to production of complex structures, when combined with the Divergent Adaptive Production System as the future of human-AI design and sustainable systems,” commented Kevin Czinger, founder and CEO of Divergent and SLM Solutions Supervisory Board member.

“[The NXG XII 600] is designed to be used in serial production for high-volume applications as well as for printing large parts,” added Sam O’Leary, CEO of SLM Solutions. “The NXG XII 600 is the modern day ‘da Vinci’, crafting masterpieces at serial production scale, making it the ideal choice for advancing Divergent’s unique digital manufacturing platform for the automotive industry.”

Deliveries of the SLM NXG XII 600 machines will start in Q1 2022. 

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