Essentium launches PPS-CF 3D printing filament

Essentium has announced the launch of a 15% carbon fibre-reinforced polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) filament made using LUVOCOM 3F resin from LEHVOSS Group.

The Essentium PPS-CF material has been introduced to help meet ‘growing worldwide demand’ for materials that enable production 3D printing applications.

Thanks to its exceptional strength and stiffness, as well as resistance to temperature, chemicals and wear, PPS is capable of being used instead of higher-priced polymers like PEEK and PEKK in a range of applications. The material is also suitable to produce injection moulding, blow moulding, thermoforming and expanded polystyrene foam moulding tools, acting as a light-duty replacement for CNC aluminium soft tools.

While exhibiting at Formnext, Essentium has also announced the launch of a mobile app to help additive manufacturers monitor 3D printed part production remotely via a connection to an internal camera on the Essentium HSE 240 HT Dual Extruder platform, launched last month. This app, per Essentium, will help users to monitor print jobs and evaluate machine and part performance more efficiently. The company has also announced a 5kg spool option of select materials including the PPS-CF, helping users to continuously print large parts and tools with minimal spool swaps.

“Manufacturers are under enormous pressure to drive agile supply chains that respond effectively to market needs,” commented Essentium CEO Blake Teipel, PhD. “They are demanding AM solutions with engineering rigour to rapidly shift to finished part production or create high-quality tooling. Essentium is further expanding our ecosystem offerings to meet this need and deliver tangible value to customers across aerospace, automotive and energy and alternatives industries, who are defining what’s possible through distributed and sustainable manufacturing.”

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