Fusion3 promises “breakthrough speed and print quality” with EDGE 3D printer launch

3D printer manufacturer Fusion3 has announced the launch of its latest professional-class polymer extrusion 3D printer, promising greater “speed, print quality, and durability.”

The Fusion3 EDGE is said to offer “capabilities usually found in expensive industrial 3D printers” at a lower price point of 6,999 USD, including a large, enclosed build chamber of 355 x 355 x 365 mm which can be heated to 70 oC, material flexibility including carbon-fibre reinforced and 316L stainless steel filaments, and upgraded motion control components.

“EDGE encapsulates Fusion3’s nine years of industry experience, accumulated feedback from customers, and our vision for the changes needed to drive mainstream, commercial adoption of FDM 3D printing,” says Kate Padgett,  Fusion3 Founder & CTO. “With EDGE, we achieve astounding levels of speed, print quality, and durability through the upgrade of our F-Series Motion Control system with high-quality linear rails, the development of a new patent pending print head system for greater performance and customer serviceability, and the design and implementation of new control systems to create better user experiences and ensure successful print outcomes.”  

The machine’s ANVIL print head incorporates a surgical steel print tube instead of a traditional screw-in nozzle to enable faster printing and resistance to wear from abrasive filaments such as carbon fibre or fibreglass-reinforced filament. Additional features include a new “Fast Mode” for printing certain materials at 200mm/sec using a .4MM print head, new bed levelling system to ensure a successful first layer on each print, optional optional HEPA & Carbon filter, and Fusion3’s V3 extruder with new belt drive system and upgraded filament detection monitor which can be tuned to the material in use.

Fusion3 has also added a number of safeguarding features, aimed at customers working in highly secure organisations such as government and military organisations. For those users, a Secure Version of the EDGE 3D printer has been introduced alongside a Standard Version which features wired-only Ethernet networking, a locked USB port, restricted communication features, and ships with an Offline Activation version of Fusion3’s REACTOR 3D printing software.

The Fusion3 EDGE will be on display at RAPID + TCT 2022 on 17-19 May at Huntington Place, Detroit, Michigan.

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