How to make SLS 3D printing production even more affordable

From the beginning, 3D printing has been associated with prototyping applications. But the production of end-use parts in series is becoming more and more requested by industries.

This new way to industrialize the creation of 3D printed parts requires some technical improvements from the sector, either in terms of technologies and materials. Moreover, industrial production leads to new challenges for speed, reproducibility or even traceability, and remains an important investment.

In order to meet these challenges, Prodways Tech is launching its new industrial 3D printer: the ProMaker P1000 S.

The new ProMaker P1000 S 3D printer is based on Selective Laser Sintering technology (SLS). This reliable printer enables the production of parts in series at an affordable cost for industrial production. Retaining the strengths of the ProMaker P1000 X launched three years ago, the ProMaker P1000 S aims to make SLS production even more affordable.

A 3D printer adapted for an industrial yield

The ProMaker P1000 S is equipped with a large build platform (300 x 300 x 360). Its Raylase brand scanner and high quality laser of 30W allow for a build rate of 1.4L / h. This “Made in France” 3D printer provides an advanced temperature control system and a counter-rotating roller recoater to sinter parts with optimum quality. Its two powder feed tanks make it possible to run a complete job in a few hours without recharging. All production data is recorded to meet the challenges of traceability, a significant advantage for industrial manufacturers.

Keeping the ease of use & flexibility of Prodways printers

Using the “slicing on the fly” functionality, you can easily add parts to your production at any time. In addition, Prodways team has chosen to keep more than 50 parameters accessible free of charge in order to optimize customer production. With its fully accessible manufacturing platform, the P1000 S 3D printer keep a quick and easy setup of less than 10 minutes (for cleaning and nesting). Prodways application teams also provide remote intervention to support user production.

To make SLS production even more affordable

The ProMaker P1000 S offers the best price/volume ratio in the industrial SLS 3D printer category. This new production machine at an affordable price is perfectly adapted to start with SLS production or to extend your production capacity to new materials, such as TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) or PP (polypropylene). The ProMaker P1000 S is delivered with validated parameters for all the available material (PA12, PA11, TPU and PP).

Find out more by watching Prodways & BASF Forward AM webinar replay on “how to make SLS production even more affordable”, or contact Prodways’ expert teams to discuss your next 3D printing project.

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