Loctite 3D IND405 Clear Material Now Available to Carbon Customers

Carbon, the California-based DLS 3D printer manufacturer, and Henkel, the globally operating adhesive and sealants conglomerate, have announced a partnership agreement to collaborate on getting Loctite formulations into Carbon-compatible materials. Effective immediately, Carbon customers have access to the first fruits of their labor: Loctite 3D IND405 Clear.

We are excited to partner with Carbon and combine our innovative, cutting-edge technologies to bring the Loctite 3D IND405 Clear material to market. We believe that the single-component technologies from Loctite, coupled with the Carbon DLS process, provide a best-in-class solution that enables higher precision, better functionality, and outstanding economics. Together, that puts us in a great position to deliver on additive manufacturing’s promise to transform industrial manufacturing. Dr. Simon Mawson, Senior Vice President and Head of 3D Printing at Henkel

IND405 Clear is a semi-rigid, tough material. As a one-part resin, it prints quickly with the Carbon DLS process. The material is significantly clearer than other clear resins, making it ideal for enclosures, light pipe and lens prototypes, jigs and fixtures, and fluid analysis devices. Being able to see through some jigs is necessary, so such a high level of transparency with the incredible accuracy of Carbon printers is a nice addition to their portfolio. Dentists (and their patients) will surely appreciate that clearness in surgical guides too.

Experience and Cooperation

Henkel is not new to 3D printing as their resins are used in a number of photopolymers, and this isn’t the first they’ve worked with Carbon either. “Our expanded partnership with Carbon allows us to deliver Loctite solutions to customers in the aerospace, automotive, industrial and medical markets. Together we offer an efficient additive manufacturing workflow that facilitates the production of durable end-use parts,” adds Dr. Mawson. 

Carbon has become a leader in the industrial 3D printing space in the years following the 2015 debut of their ultrafast resin printing technology that was originally called CLIP (continuous liquid interface production). Their printers are now used by Adidas, Ford, Riddell, Vitamix, and many other very large companies to churn out customized production runs. Carbon has done a lot to improve both the viability and visibility of 3D printing for production and industrial applications, especially by producing a wide range of end-use parts. This partnership with Henkel should further embolden their ambitiously innovative spirit.

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