MatterHackers to deliver Ultimaker S5 3D printers to US military after $5m contract awarded

3D printer retailer MatterHackers has been awarded a $5 million IDIQ contract to deliver desktop 3D printing systems to the US military over the next five years.

The Tier 1 additive manufacturing systems (AMS) contract is believed to be the largest military contract ever awarded for desktop 3D printers and will see Ultimaker S5 systems, industrial-grade filament, IT, maintenance strategy and on-the-ground support provides to US Navy and Marine bases across the US and overseas. Delivery of the 3D printing systems will commence by the end of 2021, with up to 75 Tier 1 AMS set to be fielded through 2025.

Ultimaker’s S5 3D printing system as identified as the ‘ideal 3D printer’ for this contract because of its ‘large build volume, catalogue of compatible materials with NFC-chips for ease of use, IT-secure design options, and powerful Cura software.’ MatterHackers has been an Ultimaker reseller since 2015 and will ship machines from its warehouses in York, PA and Orange County, CA. The company will also lean on another long-time partner, Building Momentum, to provide hands-on training for every military base that receives a Tier 1 AMS, including ongoing support throughout the five-year contract period.

“MatterHackers’ commitment to NAVAIR is not to just deliver 3D printers to the field and Warfighters, but to provide continued training and personalised support to ensure that the systems are being used to their full capacity for critical applications,” commented Mara Hitner, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for MatterHackers. “Especially with the variety of robust, engineering-grade materials available for the Ultimaker S5, the impact that these systems will have on the capabilities of our Warfighters to do their work around the world will be unprecedented.”

“We are grateful for the opportunity to train NAVAIR’s team on these 3D printers, as we have seen first-hand what a huge impact they can have on affecting real change within the military, as well as corporations,” added Thomas Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer at Building Momentum. “Our Innovation Bootcamp training programme has seen widespread success over the years, and 3D printing is a critical part of the programme. We look forward to creating a relationship with NAVAIR and continuing our commitment to MatterHackers to the benefit of all parties.”

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