ROBOZE establishes itself as a challenger in large scale high performance 3D printing

International 3D printer producer ROBOZE recently presented at Formnext 2019 – the largest 3D printing show of the year. With the scope to launch a new machine, materials and auxiliary units, as well as closing a partnership with Solvay, the company reflected the market’s validation for its unique approach to the large scale 3D printing of high performance materials.

With the ARGO 350, ROBOZE’s 3D printer range grew to six machines, catering variously to new, amateur and professional users of high temperature materials. In collaboration with SABIC and Solvay, ROBOZE is ensuring that it has the materials to meet the growing performance needs of its customers. In development of the Heat Treatment Process, the company is also addressing pre and post-processing steps of the 3D printing process chain to assure the quality of parts. 

With each of these advances, ROBOZE is positioning itself to offer customers a competitive advantage in the market. “At ROBOZE, we aim to transfer our know-how in industrial high temperature 3D printing, results of a deep listening of our customers’ needs,” explains Ilaria Guicciardini, Marketing Director at ROBOZE.

“We have the strength to design and manufacture our solutions in-house and we are very fast setting the industrial standards that the market is looking for.”

Hardware innovations from ROBOZE

The ARGO 350 is part of ROBOZE’s Production Solutions portfolio. With in-built process control, and a heated chamber up to 180°C this machine is designed to build everything from functional prototypes to end use parts. A more compact version of the ARGO 500, the 350 offers a build chamber measuring 350 x 300 x 300mm.

As with all ROBOZE 3D printers, the ARGO 350 is equipped with the company’s patented Beltless System. Employing a solid steel rack and pinion in place of the typical X/Y belt, ROBOZE’s beltless technology enhances FFF precision to a positioning accuracy equal to 0.4µ inch (0.01 mm). The 350 is also completed by a patent-pending ROBOZE High Viscosity Polymer (HVP) extruder, accelerating the speed and improving the accuracy at which challenging polymers like PEEK are deposited.

The ROBOZE ARGO 350 3D printer at Formnext 2019. Photo by Beau Jackson
The ROBOZE ARGO 350 3D printer at Formnext 2019. Photo by Beau Jackson

With the Heat Treatment Process, ROBOZE introduces a pre and post processing solutions for its 3D printers. Developed by ROBOZE engineers, the Heat Treatment Process is a system comprising a Filament Dryer, for treatment pre- and during-printing, and a HT Oven, used on parts after 3D printing to improve mechanical performance and reduce residual stresses within the part in those machines that are not equipped with heated build chamber. Moreover, the HT Oven has the important function to accelerate the pre-printing operations for drying more spools at the same time.

“Our vision, since the very beginning, conceives 3D printing at the same level of traditional manufacturing methods. When producing a new part, it is strictly necessary to take care of the entire process, from concept phase to the finished part, in order to get the best quality with no compromises.” declares Eng. Rocco Maggialetti, Head of Mechanical Design.

Meeting high performance material requirements

ROBOZE entered its partnership with SABIC earlier this year. EXTEM™ AMHH811F filament is the first product of their collaboration. 

Based on SABIC’s EXTEM™ resin products, AMHH811F is tipped to be the highest performing amorphous filament in the world. It is a thermoplastic polyimide suited to a range of vertical sectors, such as aerospace and electrics, that require excellent mechanical, thermal and flame resistance. It is capable of deflecting heat up to 235°C, has excellent dimensional stability, and is recognized by the UL Blue Card third-party certification program. 

“The EXTEM™ AMHH811F filament is an extraordinary amorphous material that gives the opportunity to access new extreme high temperature applications that, to date, nobody is able to offer. I’m really glad to collaborate with companies like SABIC representing one of those that made the history of FFF 3D printing,” says Eng. Simone Cuscito, ROBOZE CTO.

3D printed part with EXTEM AMHH811F filament. Photo via ROBOZE.
3D printed part made with EXTEM AMHH811F filament. Photo via ROBOZE.

Adding to its SABIC partnership, ROBOZE has entered into a materials development partnership with competing high profile chemical producer Solvay. In this partnership, agreed last week, ROBOZE will offer Solvay KetaSpire® polymers for exclusive use on its ARGO systems, this include the materials KetaSpire® PEEK SOLVAY and KetaSpire® Carbon PEEK SOLVAY.

The multi-year agreement leverages ROBOZE’s printing technology with SOLVAY Specialty Polymers’ unique high-performance material portfolio, aiming at accelerating the digitalization of manufacturing processes for just-in-time and on-demand part production.

Functional 3D printed components from ROBOZE. Photo via ROBOZe
Functional 3D printed components from ROBOZE. Photo via ROBOZE

Speaking overall of all the latest releases from the Company Alessio Lorusso, Founder and CEO of ROBOZE, said that he is “proud of contributing to the continuous innovation in the 3D printing technology market.”

In addition, Lorusso continues, “ROBOZE has an amazing team, with a good combination of high competencies and passion for 3D printing and manufacturing. We perfectly understand what are the limits and we just want to go straight and overcome them. We have a view toward the future, we are the new idea and the new solution in additive manufacturing fields.

“The innovation we showcased during this edition of Formnext addressed the needs of all those entrepreneurial realities aiming at increasing their productivity thanks to high temperature super polymers and composite materials for the production of finished parts with the highest precision and quality. That’s why we are here.”

Learn more about ROBOZE’s “strong like metal” 3D printing solutions here.

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Featured image shows the ROBOZE ARGO 350 3D printer. Photo via ROBOZE

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