Roboze to accept 3D printed part & material waste through circular economy programme

Roboze has announced it will initiate a circular economy programme from January 2022 that will allow users of its 3D printing systems to return waste material and 3D printed parts at the end of their lifecycle.

The material and part waste will then be recycled and reused as 3D printing filament. This model, the company believes, will help to safeguard the environment, further democratise the use of its 3D printing technology and give users a ‘circular material at a much lower price than the original.’

Roboze has set up the circular economy programme in a bid to ‘optimise the consumption of materials and energy.’ It represents an extension of the company’s aim to enable more sustainable design and manufacture, with the Roboze 3D Parts Network also set up to help facilitate the decentralised production of parts. The Roboze Distributed Manufacturing Model, meanwhile, is designed to support the production of parts where and when they are needed to reduce cost, time, transport and excess inventory.

“We are working to refine the management of the entire supply chain, at any cost and with all the necessary efforts,” commented Alessio Lorusso, founder and CEO of Roboze. “3D printing technology can be one of the solutions to combat CO2 emissions, reducing transport and producing just in time and on-demand. But if we don’t take serious actions and continue to generate plastic waste, then we will only become part of the problem. At Roboze, we don’t want to be part of the problem, but we want to be precursors of the solution. Our circular economy model will create zero waste and will represent and deliver solution.”

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