Tethon 3D announces composite resin 3D printing patent

Tethon 3D has announced the issuance and publication of its latest patent which enables the 3D printing of composite resins.

The ‘Photopolymer Development Resin Base for Use with Three-dimensional Printer’ (US Patent number 11,126,088) patent covers a product line manufactured by Tethon 3D under the commercial name ‘Genesis’, a group of photo-curing polymer resins for use in the formulation and full-scale production of SLA and DLP 3D printing materials.

Pure Genesis is said to not be suitable for 3D printing until the addition of a solid powdered material which enables the printing of the material as a polymer composite. Per the patent, the photopolymer development resin base functions as a binder precursor material with the capacity to accept solid powder or liquids for UV printing. As a result of the patent, Tethon 3D says, ‘countless types of materials and composite powders are potentially printable.’

Since it was first introduced in 2016, Genesis has facilitated R&D and the production of custom 3D printing resins in hundreds of facilities. Formulations incorporating alumina, zirconia, silica, silicon carbide, and hydroxyapatite materials into Genesis are said to be desirable in the aerospace, automotive, metal casting, jewellery, dental, electronics and biomedical industries.

“Genesis is a line of multiple resins. By formulating an evolving line of resin bases that accomplish specific goals, like high loading and physical flexibility, it allows for a broader range of solid materials to be added into the potentially infinite ways to develop specialty materials that perform specific applications,” commented Tethon 3D CTO Greg Pugh.

“We’ve found that companies in the semiconductor industry want to use the same powder they use in traditional manufacturing methods as they adopt additive manufacturing,” added Tethon 3D CEO Trent Allen. “Dental labs want to use the same zirconia powders used in milling and defence firms want to use the same ceramics, carbides and metals they have successfully sent to space since the 60s. Our Genesis line of resins is trusted by hundreds of customers and over a dozen in the Fortune 500 to make UV materials manufacturing more accessible.”

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