Tractus3D T2000: XL 3D Printing for Every Office

XL 3D printing continues to grow into a large chunk of the AM market, but most XL printers are housed in machine shops, warehouses, and factory floors. That doesn’t help the designers and engineers who work in traditional offices, which is still the typical environment for those professions. It’s hard to fit a machine that takes up several cubic meters of space in an office; it might not even fit through the doors. Tractus3D, a large-format 3D printer manufacturer based in the Netherlands, has designed an XL printer that can fit in any office: the T2000.

Not every company has a room or space to fit a 3D printer of 3,5 meters high or 2 meters in width. That’s why we’ve developed the T2000. Capable of printing real large volume prints, but designed to fit in every office. This makes the T2000 a perfect 3D printer for every company. Daniel van Mourik, Founder & CTO of Tractus3D

They already make two of the largest printers, the T3000 and T3500, so they have plenty of experience with the technology. With the T2000, the priority was to fit the most amount of build volume in the smallest footprint. The delta-style motion system that Tractus3D uses in their machines is especially space-efficient so they stuck with that format, going for a taller configuration. The T2000 can print objects as tall as a meter and the machine is only two meters tall so it can stand in a normal office.

Accessible XL 3D Printing

To make the T2000 office-friendly, it needs to be safe and quiet so the enclosed build chamber helps with both by keeping fingers away from hot areas and the operating sound around 40 dBA. The enclosed chamber also enables it to print temperature-sensitive materials like ABS and ASA without warping. Its 7” touchscreen makes for easy operation and the F033L print head unlocks blazing print speeds. But none of that matters if office managers can’t get it inside. That’s why the width of the machine was kept under 33”, ensuring it can fit through all normal office doorways.

For designers that don’t have access to a machine shop, the T2000 offers XL prototyping and production in a small footprint that will fit in any office cubicle.

Tractus3D T2000


  • – Extremely fast printing with the F033L print head
  • – Huge print area: 680 mm (D) 1000 mm (H)
  • – Can print a wide range of specialty materials
  • – Complementary Simplify3D software licence
  • – XL 3D printer that is designed to be used in the office space

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tractus3d t2000

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