Velocity Painting: Paint Your 3D Prints with Style

As the name suggests, velocity painting uses speed differences to add texture to your model. You don’t need to change any hardware for this, it’s purely a software trick.

Developed by Mark Wheadon, this technique imprints any image you want onto your model by varying the feed rate of the 3D printer in a controlled manner. It changes the thickness of the model at the corresponding location, thus resulting in a pattern on the object. The areas with darker shades are printed slower, while the areas with a lighter shade are printed slightly faster. This creates a visible pattern on your print.

The result is an object which has a texture corresponding to your image.

Where to Get It?

This tool is available for free on Mark Wheadon’s website. He’s also uploaded the source code for the software on his GitHub page. The software itself is open-source, too, and the actual tool is straightforward to use.

Let’s take a look into how you can get your object velocity painted.

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